Preferred Wedding Vows

The vows that are most preferred by the couples that I marry are shown below. They do not use the words death or obey, and have a more modern way of stating the traditional values.

The first part of the vows, the officiant is confirming the Bride and Groom commitment. The repeater vows follow, with the bride and groom repeating the vows to each other. 

The Vows            


Wedding Vows
Wedding Vows

____________ will you take this women/man to be your wedded wife/husband? Will you love her/him, comfort her/him, honor her/him and keep her in sickness and in health, and leaving all others keep yourself only unto her/him so long as you both shall live?
If so respond by saying “I Do.”

Will you join hands at this time, and face each other.


  • I _________ Promise, 
  • From this day Onward,
  • That You _______________
  • Will be my precious & Loving Husband/wife,
  • And I promise to stand with you,
  • in sickness, Or in Health,
  • In times of Joy or in Sorrow
  • And I pledge to you Today,
  • Before God, Our Family & Our Friends,
  • My Respect,
  • My Honor,
  • My Patience & understanding,
  • I pledge my friendship,
  • My Loyalty,
  • My protection, and my care,
  • and all of my love,
  • for all of my life.

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