Adding a Little Humor to Your Wedding Ceremony

img_6206Adding a little humor to your Wedding ceremony can make it a much more enjoyable ceremony. There is always going to be the serious parts of the ceremony, ie. the Vows, Ring exchange etc. but by inserting some lighter moments, it tends to put everyone at ease, makes people feel more comfortable, and they enjoy the ceremony much more. There are a few ways to make this happen, one way is to tell the story of how the couple met, what their first impressions of each other were, their first date, first kiss, how he proposed, ¬†etc. There is usually something in all that, that will bring a few laughs. Another way is to talk about the small things that they can do for each other that makes them feel loved and appreciated. Example. Please watch “Dancing with the Stars” with me, or support my Dallas Cowboys. It is enough humor to break the ice but still respect the moment. It should be a serious time, but with some fun.

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