Greetings from Tucson Ministers – Pastor Dave

Your professional Tucson Wedding Minister/Officiant

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is an exciting time in life.

DaveHheadshotMany people in Tucson have a home church or Synagogue with their own Pastor, Priest or Rabbi who would perform their wedding ceremony. We love to help couples who DO NOT!

You may have been disconnected from your church or place of worship for years or have never attended a church or synagogue, and are looking for a qualified minister, pastor, officiant to perform your wedding ceremony. You may not have any religious affinity at all, and only want a simple civil ceremony but would love to have the services of an open minded and non-denominational minister.

Our ceremonies have received many great compliments over the years, and are greatly appreciated by a wide range of people.

With our services your customized and individualized ceremony can include; a Unity Candle, Unity Sand, Rose Ceremony, Communion, Dove release, other additional readings, etc. You may want to write your own vows,  include your children, or you may prefer a more casual ceremony with casual dress.  We work hard to make each ceremony what you had hoped and dreamed it would be.

Here are a few things to know about our services.

  • We are regular Pastors, who regularly serves local churches, (i.e. Saguaro Buttes Community Church) bringing weekly messages, leading worship, teaching classes, counseling, conducting funerals, baptisms, etc. and have been so for over 25 years.
  • When you call us, you will get us, not someone out of state who refers you to a list of officiants. We are the ones who answers the phone, 520-990-0672, so you will not go through voice mail, or some referral service.
  • We have Bachelors Degree from a recognized Bible College, also post graduate work at colleges like Hope University in Fullerton Ca.  We have performed close to a thousand weddings in various states and places over the last 20+ years. And we have performed weddings at Resorts, Golf Courses, parks, back yards, and of course churches.
  • Your guests will actually enjoy the ceremony because we work hard to make your ceremony unique, individual, and romantic. We also enjoy including humor and making it more personal, with your permission of course. We keep the ceremonies short, long enough so it has meaning, about 15 to 20 minutes long usually.  We look forward to meeting with couples, performing their ceremony, and being a part of their most special day.    Testimonies
  • If you would like to meet us, or interview us before making a decision we would enjoy your call. You can contact us at 520-990-0672 or email me at dhallstrom@gmail.com. To reserve a date just fill out the contract and send it in. ceremony-contract